Reaching your Goals towards a Balanced Life

Heather Harper

Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

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Primary Foods encompass relationships, career, joy, finances, creativity, spirituality, physical activity, health, home cooking, home environment, education, and social life.


Secondary Foods are what we eat. We guide you holistically to help you achieve your goals. We provide gifts, articles, and actionable steps to help you along the way to the goals you set.

6-Month Program 

We will meet every other week (2 times per month) for 6 months. We will work through up to twelve different areas of life and focus on those areas you decide are the most in need of balance to meet your goals. You will receive personalized recommendations to achieve your goals, books, wellness gifts, and coaching that supports your life goals.


Group Programs

In a small group environment, we will reflect on one or more of the following program options:

  • Healthy eating/cooking

  • Weight loss and healthy body

  • Stress management

  • Career/Education

  • Family wellness

  • Finances

  • Other options will be added as needed

Heather was amazing in keeping me on track and teaching me the best way to hit my health goals for my body and lifestyle!  ~ Becky
Heather is kind, understanding, and relatable. I always feel comfortable and at ease with her. I received a lot of information, recipes, and achieved my goals. ~ Liz 
Heather is a good listener, compassionate, and caring. I achieved my goals with my boundaries and self care. I have better relationships and less drama. I would recommend Heather to everyone! ~ Ella
Heather is freaking awesome! She is phenomenal at her job and very good at helping her clients come up with their own answers and what works best for them. She held me accountable and challenged me to find my answers by asking me good questions. I have over doubled my weight loss! I have made time for myself by making exercise and relaxing time a priority. I have been more committed to cooking healthy meals several days a week. ~Cindy

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Business Wellness Opportunities

 30-60 minute Lunch n Learn Sessions or  
1-3 hour Wellness Education Sessions

  • Promote corporate wellness within the company

  • Educate about healthy meals and snacks

  • Help employees find answers to their wellness goals

  •   Teach about the effects of stress and strategies to reduce its impact

  • Set and achieve goals with proven approaches

  • Improve communication and relationships within teams

  • Support employee wellness for improved balance

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