Exercise is Not a Four Letter Word

By Heather Jo Harper June 2019

My personal journey these past 6 weeks has included dropping my son off at preschool and then committing to working out before I head to the office. I have learned several truths when it comes to exercise. For some, these truths may seem easier, but if there is a roadblock of some kind, it can seem like climbing a mountain with a leap. My major roadblock has been my health journey which includes Adrenal Fatigue and other issues I have been working through for over 25 years.

Confession: Some days I tell myself, "10 minutes! Just commit to 10 minutes and then you can be done."

Truth #1: My 10 minutes has always morphed into 30-60+ minutes. The 10 minute mark gets me going and motivates me to just try. Getting started is usually the hardest part of the journey. Honestly, the energy I feel throughout my day and seeing myself get more tone are motivating too.

Adults need around 150 minutes of activity a week, which brings me to...

Truth #2: Activity can be exercise. If we are getting our heart rate elevated or building muscle, that is considered activity. I have worked much harder in my garden some days than on the treadmill. I think a combination of both are important. Chase the kids around the yard, pull those weeds, walk to the mailbox and keep going.

Truth #3: Exercise can be inspiring, exciting, and fun. Take a hike with a friend, kayak with family, walk along a river listening to moving music, or ride a bike through nature. These are great ways to enjoy the journey toward good health.

Truth #4: Perfection is not important. What motivates you to be healthy? Do you want to be an example of health and strength for your children? Do you need someone to workout with daily? I love seeing all the retired women working out together at the YMCA. They are exercising and having great fellowship at the same time. They are an encouraging group to witness.

Whatever motivates you, keep moving forward. I am sure 10 minutes a day is not going to get me very far, but just starting is the key. Often, we can do more than we realize, even if we are tired. Mix it up to keep it exciting and challenge your body.

One week you may do 15 minutes a day, the next week you can do 17, then 20. Whatever gets you moving and doing something for you is what is really important. Movement is great for our emotional and mental well-being as well! Each step toward health moves us closer to wellness.

Keep moving! ​

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